New Mexico’s Most Haunted: Exposed

Cody Polston's new book is out. It is a good read if you are serious about ghost hunting. For decades ghostly tales have been told across the land of enchantment. New Mexico's macabre past has created its share of phantoms. From by-gone gunfighters and wealthy socialites to murdered prostitutes and children, their tragic lives have … Read moreNew Mexico’s Most Haunted: Exposed

The creation of a famous ghost story, T.J. Wright, Room 18 and the St. James Hotel

One of the most famous ghost stories in New Mexico is the ghost of Room 18 at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron. According to the story a man named T.J. Wright wins the hotel in a poker game and is shot after he leaves the poker room. He crawls back to his room and … Read moreThe creation of a famous ghost story, T.J. Wright, Room 18 and the St. James Hotel

Investigation of Los Luceros, Alcade, NM

There are numerous reports of paranormal activity associated with this 400 year old building. There are numerous reports of ghosts haunting the house, the most prevalent being that of a woman who was murdered by her husband. The hanging tree out front is said to be haunted as well.    

Wool Warehouse Theater Investigation Report

   During performances a man in a cream-colored double breasted suit has been known to have appeared on the stage. The spirit seems to be pleasant and is known to happily watch the productions from the side of the stage. However, the stairs behind the stage that leads to the basement are thought to hold … Read moreWool Warehouse Theater Investigation Report

Ghost hunt of the old Socorro High School

For several years the employees working at the Socorro Youth Center have experienced unusual phenomenon. The Youth Center occupies the former site of the former High School and Middle School. These strange occurrences include; The sound of a girl's voice has been heard in the empty hallways and near the stage, the apparition of a … Read moreGhost hunt of the old Socorro High School

Have you ever heard of Elliott O’Donnell?

Elliott O'Donnell (February 27, 1872 – May 8, 1965) was an author known primarily for his books about ghosts. He claimed to have seen a ghost, described as an elemental figure covered with spots, when he was five years old. He also claimed to have been strangled by a mysterious phantom in Dublin. As he … Read moreHave you ever heard of Elliott O’Donnell?

Investigation of the Palace Hotel, Cripple Creek, CO

SGHA investigates the paranormal claims of ghosts at the Palace Hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Is Miss Kitty really haunting this historic hotel in Cripple Creek? This video was created from footage of our investigation of the hotel in 2001.

The mystery of the Plaza Hotel is solved! Ghost shown to have natural explainations.

The ghost of the Plaza hotel starts out as two unusual (but explainable) incidents that occur to two women in room 316 and room 310.  As time passes myth building begins to distort the accounts and the focus of the “haunting” becomes centered on Room 310. With the introduction of paranormal reality TV shows in … Read moreThe mystery of the Plaza Hotel is solved! Ghost shown to have natural explainations.

The chapel in Old Town Albuquerque that actually isn’t haunted.

Have you taken the ghost tour in Old Town Albuquerque?  Were you taken into the small chapel there and told the story of the "Lady in Black"? Were the names of Cody Polston and SGHA dropped abit excessively by the tour guide? Perhaps you were even referred to this site? Well, the Vice President of SGHA … Read moreThe chapel in Old Town Albuquerque that actually isn’t haunted.

New Mexico State Penitentiary report

SGHA has conducted eight investigations of Old Main from 2002 to 2010.  Here is the updated and condensed report from everything that we have done there.

Plaza Hotel Investigation report

Byron T. Mills, the hotel’s former owner is believed that his to haunt Room 310 of the Plaza Hotel. A photograph of the ghost is supposedly kept behind the front desk that was taken near his room. The hotel's employees say the ghost has been known to open and close drawers or sit on the … Read morePlaza Hotel Investigation report

Kelly Ghost Town, Investigation Report

There have been several sighting of "shadow-like" figures and apparitions near the ruins of the mine and near the church. Also strange noises, including disembodied footsteps have been heard by visitors touring the mine ruins. Several ghost lights have also been reported around the old town site and its cemetery. To view the full report, … Read moreKelly Ghost Town, Investigation Report

Ghost hunt, investigation of the Red Garter Bed and Bakery, Williams , AZ

The building that houses the Red Garter has been standing for more than a century serving as a saloon, a bordello, a rooming house, a general store, and more. Is it haunted by a ghost named Eva? To view our report, click the link below.

New Mexico State Penitentiary (Old Main) Investigation

Photographs from our ghost hunts and investigations at Old Main can be found at the link below; Photographs of the New Mexico Penitentiary by SGHA  We were not able to identify any alternative explanations for the phenomena that were reported by the witnesses. The most notable of the reported phenomena is the observation of a human-shaped … Read moreNew Mexico State Penitentiary (Old Main) Investigation

KiMO Theater Investigation

One of the most famous haunts in Albuquerque is the KiMo Theater. A young boy named Bobby Darnall died when a boiler exploded in 1951. The cast and crews of production companies performing at the theater claim that the ghost of Bobby will pull a variety of tricks to sabotage their performances if they do … Read moreKiMO Theater Investigation

Ghost hunt and investigation of the KiMo Theater, Albuquerque, NM

This historic theater in Albuquerque is believed to be haunted by several ghosts. The first is a little boy named Bobby who was killed when the hot water heater exploded. The second is a female apparition, seen roaming the halls wearing a bonnet. Nothing more is known of this ghostly presence, but seemingly she doesn't’t … Read moreGhost hunt and investigation of the KiMo Theater, Albuquerque, NM