Wool Warehouse Theater Investigation Report

   During performances a man in a cream-colored double breasted suit has been known to have appeared on the stage. The spirit seems to be pleasant and is known to happily watch the productions from the side of the stage. However, the stairs behind the stage that leads to the basement are thought to hold a more malevolent spirit.

   The first ghost hunt of the building was conducted in February of 1989. One witness was interviewed, but nothing of interest was found by the team. This was followed up by several investigations in May of 1989 and January of 1990. Both investigations generated several hypotheses which could explain some of the auditory phenomena; however, there was insufficient time to test any of them.

   The reports of the hauntings of the Wool Warehouse have several issues that are not consistent with the systematic studies that have been done on haunted places. First of all, there appears to be no repeating phenomenon. The accounts initially start off with the sighting of an apparition; however, the sightings of that apparition eventually disappear. The predominant phenomenon that is reported by people are the sounds of disembodied footsteps and other strange noises in the theater. Alternative explanations have been provided for these incidents.

Photographs of our ghost hunts and investigations of this location can be found at the links below;

SGHA Photographs of the Wool Warehouse Theater

ALBQ the Mag, SGHA

The final results and details of our ghost hunts and investigations at the Wool Warehouse Theater have been copyrighted by Cody Polston and placed in his book "New Mexico's Most Haunted: EXPOSED. The book may be purchased at the link below.

New Mexico's Most Haunted: Exposed

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