Investigation of Los Luceros, Alcade, NM

There are numerous reports of paranormal activity associated with this 400 year old building. There are numerous reports of ghosts haunting the house, the most prevalent being that of a woman who was murdered by her husband. The hanging tree out front is said to be haunted as well.    

Ghost hunt of the old Socorro High School

For several years the employees working at the Socorro Youth Center have experienced unusual phenomenon. The Youth Center occupies the former site of the former High School and Middle School. These strange occurrences include; The sound of a girl's voice has been heard in the empty hallways and near the stage, the apparition of a … Read moreGhost hunt of the old Socorro High School

Investigation of the Palace Hotel, Cripple Creek, CO

SGHA investigates the paranormal claims of ghosts at the Palace Hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Is Miss Kitty really haunting this historic hotel in Cripple Creek? This video was created from footage of our investigation of the hotel in 2001.

La Fonda Hotel, Investigation Report

An old tradition claims that in Spanish times Santa Fe had a single hotel, La Fonda ("The Inn"), at the same location as the present-day La Fonda. However, no documents have been found to confirm that. Local historian Marian Meyer has reported that an American couple, William and Mary Donoho, operated the place from 1833 … Read moreLa Fonda Hotel, Investigation Report

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Investigation Report

Built in 1965, it was called the "Bridge to Nowhere," as there was not enough funding to continue the road from the other side. At 650 feet above the Rio Grande and 1200 feet across, it is the second highest suspension bridge in the United States. Locals in the area say that the bridge is … Read moreRio Grande Gorge Bridge, Investigation Report

Abo Mission, Investigation Report

Abo State Monument. Ruins left by former tompiros division of the Pito Indians, on Arroyo Empedradillo. First mentioned in 1598 by Juan de Onate. Became seat of Mission of San Gregorio, founded 1629 by Fray Francisco de Acevedo, who erected a large church and monastery, the walls of which are still standing. Mysterious glowing balls … Read moreAbo Mission, Investigation Report

Ancho Ghost Town, Investigation Report

The railroad and gold were often the beginnings of these towns. 1899 was Ancho's year of birth due to railroad and gold in the Jicarilla Mountains. But Ancho developed another product. A brick factory made cream colored bricks and were used on homes throughout central New Mexico. After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, … Read moreAncho Ghost Town, Investigation Report

Watrous School, Investigation Report

About twenty miles from Las Vegas the highway dips into a beautiful and lush valley where trees abound. This is Watrous, New Mexico. The town is located at the confluence of the Sapello and Mora Rivers, whose headwaters are in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the southern range of the Rockies. Originally designated as La … Read moreWatrous School, Investigation Report