Wool Warehouse Theater Investigation Report

   During performances a man in a cream-colored double breasted suit has been known to have appeared on the stage. The spirit seems to be pleasant and is known to happily watch the productions from the side of the stage. However, the stairs behind the stage that leads to the basement are thought to hold … Read moreWool Warehouse Theater Investigation Report

Plaza Hotel Investigation report

Byron T. Mills, the hotel’s former owner is believed that his to haunt Room 310 of the Plaza Hotel. A photograph of the ghost is supposedly kept behind the front desk that was taken near his room. The hotel's employees say the ghost has been known to open and close drawers or sit on the … Read morePlaza Hotel Investigation report

New Mexico State Penitentiary (Old Main) Investigation

Photographs from our ghost hunts and investigations at Old Main can be found at the link below; Photographs of the New Mexico Penitentiary by SGHA  We were not able to identify any alternative explanations for the phenomena that were reported by the witnesses. The most notable of the reported phenomena is the observation of a human-shaped … Read moreNew Mexico State Penitentiary (Old Main) Investigation

La Fonda Hotel Investigation

   According to several sources, the hotel is haunted by several different apparitions. One is believed to be Judge Slough who is apparently prone to swooping through the hallways late in the evening. Also, there is also several reports of a man who walks through the dining room and jumps through the floor where the … Read moreLa Fonda Hotel Investigation