The chapel in Old Town Albuquerque that actually isn’t haunted.

Have you taken the ghost tour in Old Town Albuquerque?  Were you taken into the small chapel there and told the story of the "Lady in Black"? Were the names of Cody Polston and SGHA dropped abit excessively by the tour guide? Perhaps you were even referred to this site?

Well, the Vice President of SGHA took her daughter on this tour and was shocked at what she had heard, especially the stories that were told about the chapel. You see, long before there was a ghost tour, SGHA investigated this site. It is not haunted folks (not even a little)!  Perhaps you might be interested in the truth? Click the link below to learn all about it!


1 thought on “The chapel in Old Town Albuquerque that actually isn’t haunted.

  1. I have been aware that my name is being dropped by tour guides on the ghost tour for awhile. I have no idea why they do that. Perhaps they think it lends some sort of credibility to thier stories, who knows? However, I DO NOT endorse anything said on the Old Town Ghost Tour. I have not been involved with it since 2005. The last time I "trained" tour guides I specifically told them that the chapel IS NOT haunted. One of the reasons the book "Haunted Old Town Albuquerque" was to present the information that I DO endorse.

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