KiMO Theater

Albuquerque, NM

One of the most famous haunts in Albuquerque is the KiMo Theater. A young boy named Bobby Darnall  died when a boiler exploded in 1951. The cast and crews of production companies performing at the theater claim that the ghost of Bobby will pull a variety of tricks to sabotage their performances if they do not leave doughnuts or some trinket to appease him before their shows.

  It's a ghost story that has been told in numerous books and websites about haunted places. It is a tale that is regularly resurrected especially around Halloween, for newspapers, magazines, and television shows.‚Äč   

U-Rock Albuquerque, The Haunted KiMO Theater

In 2009, I was approached by Joey who wanted to scare his co-star Stevo on the Halloween episode of URock Albuquerque. I was doing a fundraiser for …

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More information and photographs can be found in two of my books.

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