Experience the Supernatural Terror of the Aetherstorm Chronicles!

By creating a unique fusion of dark fantasy, paranormal fiction, horror, historical fiction and steampunk, the author creates a world of terror and wonder unlike any other. The Aetherstorm Chronicles will take you on a journey through a world where ghosts, demons, and forgotten terrors roam freely, and where danger lurks around every corner.

In 1899, the world of man was blissfully unaware of the eldritch horrors that lurked in the darkness. Tesla St. Vrain, a typical Victorian young woman, is no ordinary lass. She hides her psychic powers from the eyes of men, and she yearns for a tranquil life of simplicity. But when a careless witch’s ritual casts her into an unknown realm, she is gifted with powerful magic known as quintessence. 
Now faced with a dangerous quest—to protect Earth from the ancient and forgotten creatures—she joins a secret organization called the Ministry of Psychical Defense to obtain the elusive Spheres of Nether- powerful artifacts that have the potential to bring ruin upon the world if they fall into the wrong hands. Burdened with her newfound power, can Tesla master her abilities in time to avert disaster? Or will the dark forces of the nether be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

A sample of  the audiobook from Chapter 19.