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Talking Fact and fiction with a ghost hunter, Alibi interview with Cody


Cody sits down with Renee to discuss the ins and outs of ghost hunting in this interview with The Weekly Alibi. Click the image below to enlarge

Albuquerque Open Space, 2015 Summer Series: Solving a Haunting lecture

Albuquerque Open Space, 2015 Summer Series: Solving a Haunting lecture

          Mayor Richard J. Berry and the City of Albuquerque’s Parks & Recreation Department, Open Space Division, invite you to a summer of family friendly events during our 2015 Open Space Summer Series. On August 29th, members of the Southwestern Ghost Hunter’s Association will present a lecture on how to solve […]

Bloody Valverde


So, we decided to try our hand at filming our investigations. This is our first attempt and it has been quite a learning process.

The haunting of the St. James Hotel


A documentary on the haunting occurring at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron New Mexico, produced in 2003. Interviews with SGHA's founder Cody Polston and employees of the hotel about the paranormal activity that is reported there.

Espanola Police Station ghost? Not quite….


Surveillance video recently taken at the Espanola Police Station  is believed to have a image of a "ghost" moving across the screen. We can tell you with complete certainity that it is not. The effect captured on the surveillance video is quite typical of a insect moving across the lens of the camera. The […]

The mystery of the Plaza Hotel is solved! Ghost shown to have natural explainations.

The mystery of the Plaza Hotel is solved! Ghost shown to have natural explainations.

The ghost of the Plaza hotel starts out as two unusual (but explainable) incidents that occur to two women in room 316 and room 310.  As time passes myth building begins to distort the accounts and the focus of the “haunting” becomes centered on Room 310. With the introduction of paranormal reality TV shows in […]

New Mexico State Penitentiary report

New Mexico State Penitentiary  report

SGHA has conducted eight investigations of Old Main from 2002 to 2010.  Here is the updated and condensed report from everything that we have done there.

Kelly Ghost Town, Investigation Report


There have been several sighting of "shadow-like" figures and apparitions near the ruins of the mine and near the church. Also strange noises, including disembodied footsteps have been heard by visitors touring the mine ruins. Several ghost lights have also been reported around the old town site and its cemetery. To view the full report, […]

SGHA on Dead Famous



The myth of the Hatchet Lady, Old Town Albuquerque


For the story, check out the video below.     After reading several comments about this myth on YouTube, I decided to write a little bit about this particular "ghost" since I was one of the narrators in the video and SGHA was the original entity that investigated and researched this story. There are several […]

The Valverde Battlefield, New Mexico

BlackMesaTour 029

Last night Ecto Radio did a show on the Valverde battlefield using audio clips from our 2005 trip there with 94 Rock. The audio is supplemented with photos of the battlefield and the trip itself. Hard to believe that its been six years since we recorded the original audio.

Texas and New Mexico Charters are seeking Team Members


Our Texas and new Mexico Charters are seeking Team Members. If you are interested in becoming apart of SGHA check out this link for more info and then email us at *protected email*


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