Sightings in Peripheral Vision; Credible or Not?

How many times have we heard stories that begin with "Then out of the corner of my eye I saw"? Or, "I saw movement out of the corner of my eye"? Are these "Sightings" credible? To answer this question, we must first examine what peripheral Read More …

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence? Perhaps not. Here is the other side of the coin.

The following is from an article written by Winston Wu in 2011. The article, "Debunking Pseudo-skeptical Arguments of Paranormal Debunkers", makes several rational arguments for many statements made by Pseudoskeptics. This one covers the blanket statement, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". This is one of Read More …

Infrared thermometers, why they do not detect cold spots, Ghost Hunter FAIL!

Cody discusses Infrared thermometers, why they do not detect cold spots. The use of this instrument in ghost hunting is so flawed that it can actually be used as a gauge to determine how experienced a ghost hunting team really is.    

Why EMF meters are worthless for paranormal investigations / research

In this video, Cody explains the flaws of using EMF meters in ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. They simply do not do what paranormal investigators think they do because of a lack of understanding on how to properly measure EM.

Psychology and Ghost Hunting (Commentary)

Some researchers believe that many of the experiences reported in allegedly haunted locations have a psychological explanation. Work assessing this psychological approach has involved examining the suggestibility and paranormal belief of people who tend to report unusual experiences in allegedly haunted locations.

What is in a name? Ghost Hunter v.s. Paranormal Investigator

One of the most appalling things about the "field" of modern day ghost hunting (paranormal investigation/research) is the obvious disregard of its history and the obtained knowledge, pro and con, that was learned. This becomes painfully evident with the simple definition of the word "ghost Read More …

Full-spectrum photography

  Full-spectrum photography is a subset of full spectral imaging, defined currently among photography enthusiasts as imaging with consumer cameras the full, broad spectrum of a film or camera sensor bandwidth. In practice, a specialized broadband/full-spectrum camera captures visible, near infrared and near ultraviolet light. For a camera to be Read More …