Applied Science: Conservation of Matter and Energy

  Generally speaking, conservation means that in an isolated system a given physical quantity does not change with time. An especially important and useful conservation law is that matter and/or energy are neither created nor destroyed over time; they merely change form, and their sum total always remains the same. For example, the chemical energy … Read moreApplied Science: Conservation of Matter and Energy

Image Analysis: A Spectral Selectivity Metric

A digital image can be treated as a data set to extract information. Each pixel's intensity value is a measure of how much energy was used to generate it within the band of spectrum used to produce the image. The sum of the pixel intensities is a measure of the total energy used to create … Read moreImage Analysis: A Spectral Selectivity Metric

Ultrasonic waves and ghostly experiences

The following is an excert from "The Complete Ghost Hunter" by C. Polston and B. Carter   Some ghostly phenomena may have a scientific explanation that is not all in the mind. New research into some hauntings has revealed that many of the classic signs of ghosts can be explained as the result of very … Read moreUltrasonic waves and ghostly experiences