Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Investigation Report

Built in 1965, it was called the "Bridge to Nowhere," as there was not enough funding to continue the road from the other side. At 650 feet above the Rio Grande and 1200 feet across, it is the second highest suspension bridge in the United States.

Locals in the area say that the bridge is a hot spot for suicides and that the bridge is haunted by ghosts that tempt people into jumping to their deaths. However, there is a specific ghost that is often seen on the west side of the bridge. According to witnesses, the ghost appears as a young Hispanic woman wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. She is often mistaken as a "real" person as she walks east on the south walkway of the bridge. When she reaches the center, she suddenly vanishes.

To view our investigation report, click the link below; Rio_GrandeBridge

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