La Fonda Hotel Investigation

   According to several sources, the hotel is haunted by several different apparitions. One is believed to be Judge Slough who is apparently prone to swooping through the hallways late in the evening. Also, there is also several reports of a man who walks through the dining room and jumps through the floor where the "old well" was located. There are several other reported ghosts, including a ghost bride that was murdered in the 1930's.

   The most significant factor that became an issue in ghost hunting the hotel was trying to locate any actual witnesses to any of the reported phenomena. The only person we were able to identify and interview was Lalo Ortega, who has worked at the hotel for several decades. Despite all of the time that he has worked there, he has only one instance of something unusual that he believes might be paranormal. It occurred "sometime in the fifties" and may possibly be the first instance and the precursor to the ghost stories that would follow. 

   After reviewing the various ghost stories about the hotel, it quickly becomes evident that Ortega's story becomes the basis for the Judge Slough ghost story. However, Judge Slough was not a thin and tall man. Oddly enough, the "ghost" of the judge is one of the very few that have been supposedly seen by guests staying at the hotel. However, there are still several questions about this particular "ghost." How did the witness know that it was Judge Slough? Other than the long black coat there are no other details that could link this to the Judge himself. Making matters worse, there is no record of any witnesses to these alleged supernatural encounters. If there are no witnesses, there is not a haunting.  

The final results and details of our ghost hunts and investigations at the La Fonda Hotel been copyrighted by Cody Polston and placed in his book "New Mexico's Most Haunted: EXPOSED. The book may be purchased at the link below.

New Mexico's Most Haunted: Exposed

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