SGHA Membership Nostalgia

I have started editing videos for SGHA’s 30th anniversary and the experience of finishing the first couple of them has left me feeling nostalgic today.
Paranormal investigation teams can experience quite a bit of turn-over in the membership over the years. It is difficult for a group to find people with the correct focus, attitude and the sort of personality that will fit in with the existing group members. As the group learns, it evolves, which requires the members to adapt and evolve with it. Some simply are not able to do that.
It is challenging for new members joining the team to find their place in the group, and they have to strive to become a part of the team. The challenges are many.
The Southwest Ghost Hunters has not been immune to membership turn-over. Over the past 30 years there have been more members than I can count (or recall, but hey, I’m getting old). I have also had the unfortunate experience of watching too many great investigators pass away (Ted, Frank, Carlton and Ash) and I will never forget them or their contributions to SGHA. You are all truly missed.
However, over time we have worked together to build a team that is stable and has some longevity. I’m proud to work with everyone who calls SGHA their team and thankful that you are here today.

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