Ghosthunting and Science

This is an introductory article about ghost hunting and science written by Bob Carter. It covers the general flaws between "hobbyist" ghost hunting and scientific method.

Visible colors and musical notes correspondences chart

A correspondence chart that we have used in EVP research.

Applied laws of Physics

This article covers the basic laws of physics that come into play during paranormal research.

Electromagnetism for Ghost Hunters

This article explains the properties of electromagnetism and why it is important to ghost hunters.

Superluminal Theory

This article covers the basics of superluminal theory. The theory may have some application towards paranormal research, in whole or in part.

High Energy Particle Physics

A basic article about high energy particles and how they are studied. May have some application in paranormal research.

EMF Detectors, usage and a theory

This article identifies the common problems with using EMF detectors and suggests a theory of why it is important to understand their proper usage.

Measuring Fields

This is a short article that discusses how to measure magnetic and electrical fields.

Standards for Categorizing Spectral Phenomena

This article covers the classification system developed by the Society for Paranormal Research for measuring and comparing individual manifestations.

Field Matrix Theory

This article covers the basics of another SGHA hypothesis. Energy and quantum effects are discussed and evaluated to see if science has found the "soul".

Conducting Research

A short article on the importance of conducting research.

Physics Calculators

A external link to a very valuable website that has physics calculators.

M Theory

The theory formerly known as strings. This article is a brief discussion of the theory. Does it have any possible connections with paranormal research.

Space Weather

A external link to the NOAA website where space weather is forecast and achieved. Extremely valuable if you use the Natural Trifield meter to ensure that electromagnetic storms did not provide you with false readings.

Ionizing and Non ionizing radiation

This is an article that covers the basics of ionizing and non ionizing radiation and their effects on living matter.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

A article that discusses the history of science and electromagnetism.

40HZ Brain Activity

This article discusses a new theory that the brain operates at a frequency of 40HZ. A very important piece of information for ghost hunters analyzing EM fields.


A alphabetical listing of terms used in parapsychology.

Biological Waves

This article discusses bioradiation and biophotons. Could these phenomena be the composition of ghosts?

Effects of 6 to 10HZ on brainwaves

An article that discusses how low frequency electromagnetic energy interacts with brain waves.

The energy fields of life

A short article that discusses electromagnetism and its link to life itself.

EM Interference

Another article that covers how electromagnetism affects the human brain and body.

Parallel Universes

Another article based on the theory of Parallel Universes. Could this be the cause of ghostly manifestations?

Subtle Energy fields

This article discusses another SGHA hypothesis on ghosts. Could the phenomena somehow be linked with subtle energy?

Electric and Magnetic Fields

Another article that discusses the concepts of electric and magnetic fields.

The energetics of ghostly phenomena

This is an article based on a SGHA hypothesis that describes the energetics of ghosts. How they draw and use power from their environment.

The conscious electromagnetic field theory

This article is a short summary of a concept used frequently in our hypotheses.

Ghostly manipulation of objects

Based on a SGHA hypothesis, this article ponders the many different forms of energy that ghosts may use to move objects.