The Southwest Ghost Hunter’s Association (SGHA) was formed by Cody Polston in 1985. Our goal is to skeptically investigate haunted locations by using critical thinking and employing investigative methods that we have learned and developed. We believe that ghosts and hauntings are an explainable phenomena and that the empirical investigation of reality leads to the truth.

We accomplish our goal through several different methods. The first is by collecting as much information from the witness about their experience as possible, to include the existing environmental conditions that were present. The elements of the witnesses' experience are then trended and compared to isolate common factors that appear to have a direct relevance to the observed phenomena.

The environment is recreated and critical thinking is utilized to further identify any alternative explanations and to perform initial tests. Based on the results, hypothesis for the alternative possibilities are constructed. Experimental methods are then devised to test the hypothesis and an attempt is made to recreate the phenomena. We call this technique Method 2.

The second way we investigate claims is through a controlled experiment. This simple procedure, along with statistical hypothesis testing, is the basis of SGHA Method 001. The results from the experiments in reported haunted places (Test Sites / Positive Controls) are compared against the non-haunted locations (Control Sites/ Negative Controls). In other words we are comparing potential paranormal environments against normal environments and trending the results. Generally speaking, for a null hypothesis to be accepted, it must have few or no positive results in the Control Site. Additionally, a blind standard is implemented to ensure that the ghost hunters are unaware of which sites are Control Sites and which are Test Sites. This, along with defined operational procedures, ensures that data is collected accurately and consistently in both locations.

IMPORTANT things to understand!

  • No piece of instrumentation has been proven to detect or validate paranormal activity.
  • ALL ghost hunting and paranormal certifications are bogus! (and deceitful)
  • Ghosts have not been proven to exist.