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This article discusses the factors that need to be analyzed to determine the credibility of a witness of a paranormal event.

The ghost of the Plaza hotel starts out as two unusual (but explainable) incidents that occur to two women in room 316 and room 310.  As time passes myth building begins to distort the accounts and the focus of the “haunting” becomes centered on Room 310.

With the introduction of paranormal reality TV shows in 2004 the myth building increases and is propagated by the hotel employees, the media, several ghost hunting teams and by the appearance in several books.

The phenomenon identified as being paranormal in nature was investigated and found to have more likely explanations. As such, there is not a probable rationality to believe that this location is haunted by the ghost of Byron T. Mills or any other person. The case of the building having paranormal activity is not sufficient enough to cast a benefit of a doubt or to meet the burden of proof required.

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