A mysterious ghost light appears by Mount Hope cemetery when you are parked at the cross roads. The story was covered by the television series Unsolved Mysteries several years ago and is featured in the book Ghosts in the Graveyard by Olyve Hallmark Abbot and in Texas Monthly. SGHA returns to Anson and the cemetery and solves the mystery of the phenomena.

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One of the most famous legends of the southwest. According to the myth, the ghosts of children are supposed to push your car out of harms way, across a set of railroad tracks. They are also reported to leave small handprints on the rear bumper of your car if you cover it with baby powder. This is a report from the first mystery solved by SGHA in 1986.

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The Marfa ghost lights are visible every clear night between Marfa and Paisano Pass in northeastern Presidio County as one faces the Chinati Mountains.The first reported sighting was in 1883 by a cowhand named Robert Reed Ellison. Are the famous ghost lights of Texas really ghosts or something else?

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The myths say this is due in fact from everything from Indian burial grounds to a sacred place of sorts. Some have even suggested that it is a portal to the "other side". The tower is supposed to be haunted by a man who went insane, killed his wife and kids and buried them under the tower. Is this another urban legend?

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This old deserted park harbors two well known ghosts of the area, and the legendary spirits are known as the Hatchet Lady and May's Mother. One is a a vindictive ghost while the other is a pathetic spirit of a broken-hearted mother. Is the park really haunted or are these stories nothing more than urban legend.

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(1998, 2000, 2001)


Lake Fort Phantom Hill is haunted by a ghost known as the "Lady of the Lake".Like most ghost stories, the details change through the years, but those who have seen her say she's there and she's real. The Lady searches the shoreline of the lake for her long lost love.

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(1990, 1993)

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