This hotel in Las Vegas is believed to be haunted by the ghost of it's builder and owner, Byron T. Mills. The ghost is known to reveal itself to women who are staying alone in Room 310. SGHA solves the mystery and debunks the ghost.

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(1998 to 2014)

St. James Hotel

Opened in 1880, this gambling hall and saloon saw plenty of action. Reported to be haunted by several ghosts including Mary Lambert and T.J. Wright. This report contains all of our findings and data taken at this location. While we have explained a great deal of the phenomenon, there are still some things occurring that we cannot explain yet.


(1990 to 2010)

Kimo theater

This historic theater in Albuquerque is believed to be haunted by several ghosts. The first is a little boy named Bobby who was killed when the hot water heater exploded. The second is a female apparition, seen roaming the halls wearing a bonnet. Nothing more is known of this ghostly presence, but seemingly she doesn't’t disturb anyone, she just likes strolling about the old theatre.Is this theater really haunted? (Pdf file size: 2.16MB)

SGHA wraps its' final investigation of the theater and solves the mystery.



This old house, now the Covered Wagon shop, is rumored to be a former brothel. where a prostitute named Scarlet was murdered. According to legend, her ghost haunts the building but is this a haunting or simply a myth?

Using critical thinking and historical research, SGHA debunks the ghost.

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(2000 to 2006)


Strange reports of ghostly activity have been reported here including the feeling of being watched by a unseen presence, electrical problems and unusual cold spots. Rumors say that this historic building haunted by a Spanish Soldier or is there another explanation for the mysterious occurrences? Of course there are! SGHA investigators identify the natural causes and debunks the haunting.

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Employees of the restaurant believe that they may have a ghost. Their typical otherworldly encounters fall include; Disembodied voices and unexplainable noises coming from the trap door in the main dining room. Once a stop on the Ghost Tour of Old Town, SGHA replicates the reported phenomenon and solves the mystery of this historic location.

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(2001 to 2004)


The reported phenomenon consists of an apparition that wears a long gray coat riding on horseback. The sounds of the phantom horse are reported to be heard as well. The Ghost Tour of Old Town calls this specter "Sarge". SGHA investigates to get to the bottom of the mystery.

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(2002 to 2005)


The only surviving remnant of this once bustling silver town has had sightings of unusual things after the sun has gone down. However, those things have natural explanations.

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(2003 to 2004)


An unidentified ghost of a man in a black suit haunts the backstage area and a certain table in this historic building. Built in 1929, the building lies in the old railroad district of Albuquerque.

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Various rumors surround the older section of the cemetery that range from sightings of apparitions to the practice of necromancy. The most interesting reports have come from passing motorists who claim to have witness apparitions in the cemetery that suddenly vanish.

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The cemetery of an old silver boomtown is haunted by the ghosts of miners killed in two tragic cave-ins. Do the miners killed in several accidents haunt this cemetery?

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A mysterious figure has often been seen seated in the chapel, weeping profusely for some unknown tragic loss. The ghost is dressed in a long black dress, her face concealed by a dark veil. She is often mistaken for a real person, and sometimes ignored, until she mysteriously vanishes. This stop on the Ghost Tour of Old Town doesn't hold up when placed under the scrutiny of a scientific investigation.

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The Weeping Lady of Colfax is the apparition of a woman who appears in the back row of the combination church and schoolhouse here. Her spirit still grieves for her young son, who died of an unknown illness in the late 1800's. Inconsolable grief killed the mother within a few months of her son's death. Reported phenomena include sounds of sobbing, the cries of a young boy and unseen footsteps are heard in the church/schoolhouse. On occasion, the mother appears as a ball of light that floats and wanders through the abandoned town.

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