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Section 1: General

1.) Mission Statement:

Our goal is to gather and collate data that will lead to a better understanding of ghosts and hauntings. Our mission is not necessarily to prove that ghosts exist, but to investigate all possible explanations of areas that are associated with being haunted.

We are open minded to all theories and methods as this is still not an exact science, although we use scientific method.  Everyone in the field of super-natural research learns as they go.  Hopefully, in the end, we will collect the necessary proof and field-tested theories that are vital to bringing the subject of this pseudo science into the mainstream. Primarily, SGHA is a research organization.

2.) Code of conduct:

As a member of SGHA, it is your duty to remember that before, during, and after an official investigation, you are not only representing yourself, but your team and the entire organization as well.  Failure in following the codes as set forth by the Directors will result in the termination of your membership.   Also be aware that an official SGHA function cannot be performed without the expressed written/verbal consent of a State Coordinator.

 All investigators performing investigations must be dressed in appropriate attire for both the physical and social environment of the site.  This means comfortable, but safe footwear, dark non reflective clothes and jewelry, and no loose objects such as wallet chains.  Please refrain from revealing, torn or ragged attire as you represent not only yourself, but the entire group as well. 

Dress code for individual investigations is at the State Coordinator's discretion.  Members must obtain at least one official SGHA shirt as is part of the standard uniform.

The State Coordinator and/or onsite team leader makes all decisions concerning the investigation. Failure to follow directions and SGHA policies is grounds for termination.

No matter what, please direct all questions from the media, police and others to the State Coordinator or the onsite team leader unless you have been told otherwise.

All investigations must be performed in a courteous and professional manner.

All investigators are to respect the site of investigation.

No obscene, foul, or abusive language near clients.

No pranks or practical jokes at investigation site during operations.

No handling of objects without owner's permission.

No illegal drugs.  If you take prescription medication, please inform your State Coordinator before the investigation begins so as to avoid future complications.

Other policies listed in the SGHA by-laws.

Section 2: SGHA Investigation Protocol

1.) "Going dark" is not permitted in SGHA investigations unless one of the following conditions exist.

  • The charter is involved in research that requires darkness as apart of it's research plan. (ie.. infrared photograph, etc.)
  • Electricity in not available at the location.

This creates a atmosphere that is prone to psychosomatic response and may create safety issues.

2.) Only one "commercial grade" camera can be used to photograph the investigation operations. Restrict photography to capture only possible events (no random firing). exceptions can be made by the President.

3.) All team meetings and training must be posted in the forum as well as any follow up actions. (Official Reporting)

4.) SGHA and its members are not allowed to use psychics or mediums in investigations. An exception can be made in ghost hunts but only if the psychic is brought in by a third party or by approval of the President.

5.) Ensure that baseline readings are monitored at least hourly to identify any changes.

6.) All controls are to be maintained during the investigation. If a control is dropped, it must be corrected immediately and noted in the investigation log.

7.) Deviation from the operations or research plan can only be approved by the State Coordinator or the President.

8.) All data and results from an investigation must be turned into the State Coordinator within 14 days. State Coordinators must turn in the final report to the President within 30 days of the investigation .

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