Investigation Report

Location: Boyd's Sanitarium, Dripping Springs, NM
Date: 08 July 2001
Weather Conditions: Clear and sunny
Humidity: 19%
Geomagnetic Storm Activity: Unsettled
Temperature: 89
Number of Photos taken: 210
Number with possible targets: 3
Average EM Readings: 8 to 20 milligauss
Average M fields Readings:
Average E Field Readings:
Cold Spots detected: Yes
Olfactory Phenomena: None
Visual Phenomena: None
Type of Investigation: Ghost Hunt

All information and photos Copyright 2001 to 2005 by Cody Polston, Bob Carter and SGHA. All Rights Reserved.

Location Description and History

The Sanitarium was constructed in 1910 by Nathan Boyd, a medical doctor from Las Cruces. The resort was designed to isolate tuberculosis victims from the booming society in Mesilla and Las Cruces.

About three decades later, it was recommissioned as a mental institute. The patients were treated atrociously and many were killed or exiled, kicked out and left to die in the mountains.

After its short lived era as a luxurious mountain resort, it was condemned and left to the mercy of the elements. Numerous spirits are known to wander the canyon.

Some visitors have reported having nightmares while camping overnight of the people who were involved in the resort's past. Dreams of mental patient beatings, and rows of TB patients undergoing dangerous experiments.

Reported Phenomena

Local urban legends claim that this site is haunted. the stories vary but they often involved the sighting of apparition and allegations of dark occult practices being performed at the site.

The Investigation

Aerial photograph of the site.

The trip to the sanitarium require a mile and a half hike up into the organ mountains just east of Las Cruces, New Mexico. While not strenuous, the trail does wind through mountain lion habitat that is also quite popular with the region's rattlesnakes.

I arrived late in the afternoon and started at the first building adjacent to the trail, the kitchen and dining hall. Years of vandalism has left the interior in quite a mess and all of the openings to the building were sealed off with wire mesh.

As I strolled around the old building I did pick up some strange readings on the Trifield meter. The needle would go half scale then fluctuate for a few moments before settling back down to 0. It should also be noted that this is a remote location and there are no power lines or other man-made sources of power in the vicinity. The readings seemed to occur near the south doorway and the windows along the west

wall. Several photos were taken of the interior through the windows when possible .Inside, vandals had painted graffiti, mostly names of rock bands and your typical "Joe loves Sue" stuff. The walls have been smashed through and in some places, completely knocked down. After looking over the kitchen, I moved up the stone stairs, around the back of the kitchen and up to the caretaker's house. This building also has a basement, but it is secured with a padlock. The air rushing out from underneath the doorway was quite cold, the thermal scanner registered 40 degrees.

As I examined this structure, there was a very intense feeling that I was being watched. Hopefully not by a hungry mountain lion, but it seemed to be from several areas just to the south of the house. After taking several more photos of the structure, I moved over to the guest house, just to the north.

Just before I reached the guest house, the Trifield meter went nuts. The needle buried itself in the high range of the scale for several seconds before it gradually worked its way back down to normal. I turned back towards the Caretaker's house and reacquired the same reading. It seemed to be a moving field, so I backed off and took several photos in the direction where I obtained the readings.

After taking several photos, I proceeded back towards the guest house. This building is the only structure which you can actually enter, so I was able to examine it thoroughly. The structure is in really bad shape and the floor is definitely not sturdy enough to walk on.

I did not discover any abnormal EM fields or temperature variations within or around the building itself, so I headed back to the south towards the patient's quarters.

Not much is left of the patient's quarters except a few rock foundations, but I picked up several odd readings with the Trifield meter. The thermal scanner also registered several cold spots that hovered around 65 degrees, a full 20 degrees colder than the surrounding air. I could also distinctly observe that the cold spots were moving, staying stationary, then moving again. Overall I picked up 5 different cold spots in this area in various locations. During this time I also distinctly heard a man's voice, coming from the Caretaker's house. I took about 60 pictures of the area then proceeded back down the path to the kitchen. Once there, I took some overall shots of the site before heading back down the mountain.


Click on the thumbnails to view the larger image

View of the Kitchen and dining hall, looking south.

Odd shadow in the doorway inside the kitchen

The Caretaker's House

The Caretaker's House

The Guest House

The Kitchen from the stone steps leading to the patient's quarters.

Odd shadow in the doorway inside the kitchen

Another view of the dining hall

Organ Peak, as seen from the Kitchen.

Possible orb near the remains of the Patient's quarters.

Possible orb captured inside the Caretaker's House.

Caretaker's House. Another odd light.

A possible orb trail in the Caretaker's house

Photo taken after several cold spots were detected by the thermal scanner. They were picked up on both sides of the tree.

Shot of the kitchen, taken after the Trifield showed a surge in DC energy. There is a odd discoloration in the window.

Rear of the Caretaker's house, taken after another reading on the Trifield meter.

Photo taken after the thermal scanner detected a cold spot of 20 degree difference. Taken near the patient's quarters.

Another pic taken of the rear of the Caretaker's house when the Trifield registered a odd reading.

Inside the Caretaker's house. The light in the window is a possible suspect.

Pic of the Caretaker's house, looking north out on to the porch.


Looking south to the Patient's quarters. The shadow on the right is suspect.

Picture taken after a noise was heard from the Caretaker's house.


Initial Conclusions

Several interesting photographs were taken during this ghost hunt. All of the photographs had interesting phenomena occurring while prompted the taking of the picture.

Explanations for these shadowy images from from residual images from the camera's CCD (skeptical) to "dark apparitions or shadow people.

Regardless, the location would be worthy of another ghost hunt in the future.

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